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Sell direct to customer. We handle the rest.

We help you earn more through direct customer sales & delivery. With our online marketplace, storage capabilities and delivery service, you can stay focused on what you do best - food. Let us handle the rest. 

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Online Store

We increase orders for your food product by selling it alongside other grocery goods. With our online marketplace  you can bring in more customer sales. 

Sell at Wholesale

We help you price & sell your products to our institutional, school, and business wholesale partners. 

Earn more 

Control your product

We don't rely on your products to make money. We help you maximize your returns by monitoring your prices.  When you work with us you can earn up to 85% of every dollar customer spend.

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Minneapolis Central Food Hub

Full Service

Central Food hub

Your products are stored, pack and delivered directly to customers from our facility. 

We provide all the services you need to keep your business going:

  • Transportation
  • Food safe facility for storage
  • Delivery couriers to get your products directly into customer homes.

Get Early Access 

Truly Grow your business.

Selling your food locally shouldn't be this difficult. We understand how difficult it is for farmers, food makers & restaurants to build a thriving business. Our services help you reduce your cost and position your products above distributors and grocers.

 We help you by:

  • Selling & Delivering directly to customers.
  • Reducing your expense with our increased buying power.
  • Purchased supplies for all our food partners for better pricing.
  • Working with you to best price your product.
  • Using our reusable packaging program to further reduce your manufacturing cost. 
  • Easily connecting you with customers with our marketing services.

With limited spots open during our launch, sign up today to get early access to our services.

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Who we Serve


Being on the farm requires a lot of work and time. The cost to run a farm can be expensive and often effects the overall cost of local produce.


Food Makers

Food makers all over the board, whether you bake bread or bottle hot sauce, you make it with a passion. Yet, it's very difficult to build a profitable business without producing industrial volumes. 


There is a lot of joy in creating your own recipes and finding customers returning. Yet everything is stacked against restaurants and margins are never guaranteed.

Find out how we can help you build a profitable business, beat out distributors & grocers and retake control of your company by gaining early access with us below.

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The food future is here

Helping you on Two Fronts

You have tried every solution out there  but nothing truly helped you sell your food locally. We are changing this by building out both digital and physical infrastructures that help you reduce your manufacturing cost and increase your profit margins.

Now you can build a better business with Neiibor Crate. Sign up below to receive our early access services.