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Minnesota Food Makers

It's our goal to increase local food distribution and empowering local brands to grow. Check out our partners below!

Deanes Kombucha

Deane's Kombucha

Hand Crafted in St Paul, this Kombucha was founded by Deane. Deane is committed to providing a refreshing great taste, low in sugar and packed with probiotics that only you can find locally.  

Plucky Pickle Dip (1)

Plucky Pickle Dip

A Local dip company started by long time best friends Britt and Sara. They often got together and made pickle dips and wondered, what if they started a pickle dip company with their lovable recipe? Now 20 years later, they're still here. 

Coco Bee and Nut

Coco Bee & Nut

Purveyor of granola, founder Kathryn Nelson created this cereal for a lower carb alternative to help everyone live healthier. Made with all natural, non-GMO ingredients, this cereal is perfect for anyone looking for a healthy snack.

Red Table Meat

Red Table Meat Co

Red Table Meat Co. was the first business to open inside FOOD BUILDING. Founded by local chef Mike Phillips, Red Table works with small farms to source sustainably raised heritage pork and transforms it into high quality salumi products in house. 

Alemar Cheese Co

Alemar Cheese Co

Cheesemaker Craig Hageman brought his expertise to Alemar Cheese Co after working as a chef in Chicago and Berkeley. Taking over in 2016 from Founder Keith Adams, Craig now produces all the artisan cheeses available today at Alemar, from premium cream cheese to camembert. Made using pasteurized milk from Minnesota raised grass-fed cows, order through Neiibor Crate to taste the best of Alemar’s local cheeses.

Bakers Field Flour  and Bread Co

Baker's Field Flour & Bread

Steve Horton opened Baker's Field Flour & Bread at FOOD BUILDING when he found that fresh flour was hard to come by-even in Minneapolis, the Mill City. Baker’s Field now produces fresh, stone milled flour, bread and pastries from artisan grains grown in the Upper Midwest. Now you can order Baker’s Field’s range of fresh flours to bake like a pro at home.

Kierans Kitchen Northeast

Kieran's Kitchen Northeast

Ian Gray is the executive chef of Kieran's Kitchen Northeast and spends a lot of his time at farmers markets. He uses seasonal fresh ingredients to make the wonderful food found at Kieran's Kitchen. He is dedicated to creating meals that bring people together.

Bootlegger Brewing

Hearty Kombucha founded here in Minnesota, this refreshing drink is full of organic acids, vitamins, enzymes and probiotic - All to promote a healthier belly. Founded by Jake, his kombucha can be found throughout the Twin Cities. 

Bootlegger Brewing

Costa Farms

Ron and Karin Costa maintains their third-generation family farm on Highway 96 in Grant, MN. Generations of growing experience helped them cultivate the highest quality products. Costa Produce Farm and Greenhouse offers fresh produce through CSA programs and is sold on the farm, at farmers’ markets, and here on Neiibor Crate!

Costa Farms

Folly Coffee

Folly Coffee roasts small batch award winning, single origin specialty coffees.  From the coffee nerd to the everyday coffee drinker, Folly coffee is made for everyone. They work hard at everything they do and are never done getting better. 

Folly Coffee

Superior Switchel

Superior Switchel is Minnesota's first switchel company! Their mission is to craft beverages that nourish both people and the planet. They are certified USDA organic and is a woman-owned company. Try Superior Switchel -the original, delicious, healthy, and ready-to-drink apple cider vinegar beverage!

Superior Switchel